medcity kannur

The land renowned for being the host of the largest cashew industry in Kerala also anchors one of Medcity Study Abroad’s branches in Kadappakkada, Kollam, gracing potential candidates’ needs for Overseas Education with the ultimate support, dedication and involvement.

Access to the Facility

Candidates from within and outside Kollam can easily reach Medcity Study Abroad by bus or by train. The Kollam Junction railway station is less than two kilometres from Kadappakkada and therefore just five minutes away.

Why Choose Us

Medcity Study Abroad Kollam’s status as the best Overseas Education agency in India is irrefutable and supported by the collective experience of students who have successfully flown to different parts of the world seamlessly, through expert guidance from the moment of contact.


Medcity’s long history is rich with services in Abroad Education Counselling, Migration, Post Landing Assistance, Visa Assistance, Travel Assistance, Education Loan Assistance etc. Apart from the aforementioned, Medcity also trains candidates for English language proficiency tests such as IELTS/OET/PTE, German Language, Health Authority Exams such as DOH, DHA, MOH, PROMETRIC and various other courses.

Medcity Kollam

MIOC kollam, 3rd floor Arpan tower

Prathibha junction, Kadappakkada

Kollam, 691008