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Located in Mediterranean Europe, Italy is a country of great beauty and culture. Italy’s historic treasures and magnificent cuisine continue to draw visitors as they have done for centuries. Its splendor lies largely in the deeply-rooted history which has formed its traditions and way of life, from the classical music to the flavorful food; the energetic cities to the peaceful villages. Education in Italy is highly esteemed with a wide range of excellent academic institutions throughout the country, welcoming students interested in virtually any subject. Particularly students who chose Italy to study a degree in fields like art, architecture or fashion will never regret their decision. Even if you came to Italy to study anything else, you will surely appreciate these emblematic features of the Italian culture.

It’s perhaps not surprising that many international students feel instantly at home in Italy. The University of Bologna has been welcoming students since 1088 - it is the oldest university in the world and its foundation gave the city one of its nicknames: la dotta, “the learned one”. Bologna remains at the leading edge of academic innovation in the 21st century.

Italian universities take pride in their heritage and rankings. There are around 90 universities in Italy, of which the majority are publicly funded. There are also a number of specialized postgraduate centers, polytechnics and other academies that form part of the higher education sector.

The University of Rome Tor Vergata offers more than a dozen international degree courses that are taught in English. Founded only in 1982, Tor Vergata was ranked one of the best young universities in Europe, and is known for high student satisfaction and far-above-average employment rates of its graduates.

Italy is also home to some of the best business schools in Europe, including the prestigious SDA Bocconi in Milan, the country’s financial capital. Its MBA programs frequently top global and European rankings, and many top business leaders are among its alumni.

Italy is a budget-friendly study destination in Europe. While the cost of accommodation and living can be high in large cities like Rome or Milan, smaller cities are much cheaper. Compared to other countries in Europe, Italy’s public universities are also relatively cheap. On average, public universities in Italy charge around 1,000 EUR per year. Top-ranked prestigious universities might charge more.

"Education in Italy always focuses on the implementation of the teaching autonomy, which is also the core strength of its education system."


  • Visa – approx. INR 4419
  • Cost of living – approx. INR 48,000 to 66,000 per month (depending on the location)
  • Accommodation – approx. INR 22,000 to 26,000 per month
  • Insurance – approx. INR 8600 per year


  • C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency
  • Admission interviews for some Universities
  • Academic & extracurricular certificates, experience, portfolio & LORs, SOPs

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March August – December

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