Letter of Recommendation

Once you plan to pursue your university studies abroad, one of the most important documents your University would ask for, is a Letter of Recommendation (LOR).

As the name implies, a Letter of Recommendation is simply but a ‘recommendation letter’. But the role, this document plays is very crucial in your selection process. This letter is a medium to showcase yourself in front of the admission committee, helping them to know you more. A well drafted letter speaks for you and hence has the power to open doors. So in order to stand out among other applications, your LOR should market your strengths, and match it to the course which you aspire to take.

A letter of recommendation should come from a person who knows you professionally or has taught you in a subject that is related to the course you are applying for. It can be from a teacher, a professor, a team leader, a supervisor or a manger who knows you well and can vouch for you. An appropriate and well designed LOR, easily helps the Admission Officer to decide whether you would be a perfect fit in the college.

Letter of recommendation (LOR)-Academic-Professional

Types of Letter of Recommendation

Depending on the context and designation of a recommender, there are two types of LOR:

  • Academic LOR (Used by students)
  • Professional LOR (Used by employees)

Academic LOR

An academic LOR is provided by the faculty member of your previous institution. If you are applying for a UG programme or bachelors abroad, the LOR would be provided by the teacher, school counselor or the principal. But if you are applying for your masters, it would be from a Professor, Department Head or the Dean.

An Academic LOR should be written only on the official letterheads of the institution. This letter mainly highlights the student’s performance, skills and achievements during the studies. The USP of the student should be mentioned, which guarantees the credentials of the applicant and ensures that the applicant stands apart from the rest.

The letter also provides a light into the background of the student, all of which plays a major role in the admission procedure.

Professional LOR

If you are planning for a master or any PG programme admission, you would have to produce a professional LOR. Prior work experience is a must for majority of the Universities abroad. Most of the MBA programmes come with such pre-requisites.

A professional LOR comes from your immediate supervisor or employer. This letter focuses on your ability to work as a team in a diverse work environment. It provides a summary of your journey in the organization as a whole. It highlights the work and projects you worked on, while in the company, citing your leadership and management skills. Hence a Professional LOR plays a vital role in impressing the University Board.