Migration Through Us

Are you looking for migration? Come and join with us. Migration is a way to move from one country to another in order to live and work. Now most of the Indians are migrating to developed countries. Most of the countries promote skilled migrants to improve their economy. Our aim is to provide you with countries that are easy to migrate and settle.


Canada is considered as one of the most immigration friendly countries. Canadians have a high standard of living with less crime rates.The most peculiar feature is that some top universities are situated at Canada, because of which, immigrants are interested to settle in Canada. Moreover Canada’s geography and climate is really wonderfull. Canadian government accepts immigrants according to their skill and ability. For migration, they calculate our marks through a point based system, immigrants need to meet with this score.

Tips to increase your point

  • If you are working in the same field of your study
  • If you belong to their required age category
  • If you are married.(your spouse can gain additional points)
  • If you have a good score in your English proficiency test
  • If you have more work experience in the relevant field
  • If you are good in communicating foreign languages.

NB: for every country

migration process-medcity overseas


Australia is one of the prosperous countries in the world. As a wealthy country they are ready to accept immigrants with good skills. As Australia provides lots of job opportunities, they also follow the point based system. Maximum age of an applicant can be 49 years and minimum educational qualification is a diploma or bachelor’s degree.


It is a pretty safe and secure country compared to many other parts of world . If you have skill and experience you can make New zealand as your home country . New zealand migration is possible for anyone from any country without any discrimination. If you would like to live in New Zealand there are many visa options for you. We ensure each immigrant to reach and settle there.