Overseas Education Counselling

How we work!

Exploring and choosing a career is a big decision, especially because we spend a significant portion of our time and our energy working for a living. Hence for higher education, it is really important to think precisely & choose wisely your area of interest.

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How it works?

Overseas education comes with ample opportunities and fascinating study fields which turns your dreams into a reality. So here we help you as a guide on this path to wisdom.


Receiving an Overview

Obtaining an overall idea from the candidate regarding his/her subject and field of interest. Because having a better picture of your needs is prerequisite for further process.


Collection of Documents

In order to move forward with the process, certain documents are required from you; such as your 10th 12th or graduation certificates, work experience letter if any and your CV.

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Evaluation of your profile

Certain criteria need to be matched in order to get selected or even apply to a foreign university. So a thorough research should be done with your documents and profile to cross check and verify the requirement. For instance, backlogs in an academic are checked as well as gaps after the course completion.

Study Abroad- Evaluation of documents medcity overseas

Shortlist Universities

Once the evaluation is done as well as preferred country and your area of interest is discovered you will receive a list of universities from our end. Thoroughly go through and decide where all to apply.


Preparation of Documents

A set of documents are needed to be prepared for the application according to the rules and regulations set by the particular universities. A few variations could be expected in the required document criteria among universities and the courses you opt. Supporting documents such as detailed bank statement- which proves your eligibility for the application, SOP, LOR, proof of your English-language proficiency i.e. certificates of IELTS, TOEFL (must while applying to English speaking countries) are required.

Study Abroad- Preparation Of Documents- medcity overseas

Application Submission

We verify your application and documents and submit it to the universities. You can apply for more than 3- 4 universities. Within 2 – 3 weeks you will receive an acceptance letter from the university if you are chosen.

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Visa Process

You will receive the guidance required for the process regarding the documents required for application of student visa as well as the visa interview.

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Ready to Fly!

Once everything is done perfectly, just book your tickets, smart pack your bags and start this new journey towards fulfilling your dreams and ambitions.


Achieve your goals!

Believe in yourself and achieve your life goals.