Post Landing Assistance

Now that you are all set, with the tickets in your hand, a school out there millions of miles away, ready to accept you, all you need is to just board the flight and fly. The D Day you’ve been waiting for all these years is finally here! A beginning of your new life abroad. All this sounds good, in fact great. But the thought of leaving your mom, your dad, your pets, your friends would definitely be quite daunting.

A lot of things would run around your mind.

  • Will I be able to do it, will I adjust to the new culture, language and people abroad,?
  • Did I made a wrong choice?
  • When will I come back next?
  • Will I find a good place to live in?

The list would go on and on. But don’t panic. Relax and take a deep breath. First, understand that, you are not just the one who feels so. As humans, when it comes to accepting a change, it is the most difficult thing to do. But change is the only constant thing in life and surprisingly the fear of change is also constant. Change is not something that we can hide away from. So be all set to accept and embrace it.

A beautiful journey is in front of you which is a bit challenging too. Be ready to be self reliant and to explore the world around you. Come out of your cozy shell and have a taste of the world outside. We at Medcity provide you all necessary post landing assistance once you reach your dreamland. We ensure a smooth settling down into the new country. MIOC will give you all support for your smooth landing and after.

Our Post-Landing Services Include:

  • Airport Pick-Up
  • Temporary Accommodation
  • Safe Neighborhood Suggestion
  • Part-Time Job Assistance
  • Networking Assistance.

MIOC's Post-Landing Assistance team along with Medcity's Helpdesk will ensure that you feel at home away from your home.

Our Helpdesk is our extended network of happy students and satisfied clients who are working abroad and are lending this support completely free of cost. So pack your luggage. Nothing can stop you now. Days are going to be more and more exciting!

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For any assistance contact:

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