Visa Assistance

Visa is a travel document stamped on your passport to enter in a new country. Each and every country has their own immigration laws so the documents required for visa application will change accordingly. Usually visa can be of different types and when it for study purpose, it will be a student visa.

After getting your offer letter from the institution, you can apply for your Visa. To avoid the last minute rush student can apply visa three to four month prior. Student visa may change according to their programme and country. We provide you the proper assistance for visa application. Ensure to live your dream without any visa rejection


  • Offer letter from your institution
  • Proof of your fund
  • Valid Passport
  • Evidence of the English proficiency test and health check up.

MIOC directs you to official websites of immigration department and helps you to file documents for Visa and ensure that you are fully updated with latest visa requirements. We will help you to submit the right documents in the shortest time period.

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