Study in Switzerland- The land of Alps

Study in Switzerland

Switzerland also known as the Swiss Confederation is a small and wonderful land that sits smack dab in the middle of the Alps. The towering mountains, Alpine lakes, grassy valleys of small villages, and thriving cities blends both natural beauty and its way of life.

Located in the heart of continental Europe, Switzerland has a longstanding history of education excellence with a wide variety of higher education institutions. Its diverse and picturesque landscapes, combined with a society of multiculturalism and top ranked cities with increased quality life, and high educational standards, makes studying abroad in Switzerland an experience of a lifetime.

Main Attraction :

  • Most of the universities in Switzerland are publically owned and thus charges a very low tuition fee.
  • Swiss educational system has been well known for its quality and excellence. They offer a wide spectrum of study programs to choose from.
  • Swiss culture is a fusion of German, French and Italian traditions and thus International students can experience a perfect blend of culture.
  • International students have availability to work part time of 15 hrs per week during term days and full time during vacation.

Work Permit and Stay back :

A six months stay back is allowed to International students after the completion of the course and a Post Study Work Visa is given to successful job applicant. This Visa is valid as long as you are employed with a Swiss employer

Top Courses Offered :

The Swiss universities offer a wide spectrum of courses and programs to choose from some of the most demanded courses include Executive CAS in ICT or Utility Management,

"The Swiss educational system is as varied and exciting as the Swiss landscape. Mirroring the diversity of languages,cultures and history in Switzerland, it is built on a complex interplay between the Confederation,thecantons and the communes."


Fee – Average - INR 71,000


  • 15 lakh complete program


  • INR 2.4 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs


  • INR 8000 to INR 80000 per year


  • INR 24 lakh to 60 lakh per Year


  • September

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